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About Scott

A longtime resident of Fairbanks North Star Borough, UAF Alumnus, and a father to two wonderful children attending public schools here, I share a deep-rooted connection with this community. Our family's rich history, our small business on 2nd avenue, and a lifetime of friendships keep me in Fairbanks. I am a dedicated public servant, having served the people of Alaska for the last 17 years,  with a keen focus on education, labor rights, and environmental preservation. I ardently support local businesses and community services, and take pride in my ability to reason my way through the toughest issues.

The bricks of our local curling club were laid by my grandfather, a skilled stone mason. His craftsmanship and dedication to community service passed onto me a deep respect for hard work and integrity. My father, a local business owner, taught me perseverance and the importance of maintaining strong relationships within the community.

In my professional role as a computer scientist for the Alaska Volcano Observatory, I participate in fieldwork when possible. I hold certifications in wilderness first aid, CPR, as well as bear and firearm safety.

I use my free time to coach youth curling, as well as serving on the statewide board for my Union, ASEA Local 52. Additionally,  as an avid hunter, fisherman, and trail enthusiast, I live out the Alaskan spirit of adventure and respect for nature.

As a homeowner in the borough, and a father raising two kids with my beautiful wife Trista, I understand the pressures of property taxes on families. I am committed to fiscal prudence and smart budgeting.

My experiences, both personal and professional, shape my vision for a prosperous future in the Fairbanks North Star Borough. A future that embodies values of hard work, community, integrity, and respect for nature. It's a future where economic growth is carefully managed with the environment in mind, and where public education aligns with our commitment to prepare the next generation.

I'm not just a candidate for the borough assembly; I am a committed member of this community with a passion for public service, and I envision a future that is prosperous, balanced, and respects the interests of all.

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