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Manh Choh Ore Haul

The Constitution of the State of Alaska states:
“It is the policy of the State to encourage the settlement of its land and the development of its resources by making them available for maximum use consistent with the public interest.”

However, the Kinross Gold/Contago Ore proposal to transport ore over 250 miles disregards our community's voice, overlooks local insights, and endangers our children with 280 school bus stops in its path. Ignoring key stakeholders reveals our decision-making flaws. While I value economic growth, it shouldn't jeopardize our community. I advocate for sustainable alternatives, ensuring Alaska's benefits resonate with all, not just select entities. Stand with me for a future that upholds our state's constitution and community values.

Read my Letter to the Editor in the News Miner here:

Kid fishing

Infrastructure and Environment

As a local governing body, every facet of the work of the Borough Assembly is influenced by and impacts our environment. From maintaining our infrastructure, ensuring food security, improving air quality, reducing waste, managing energy resources, to creating jobs, it is imperative that we integrate climate considerations into all our planning and decision-making processes. This will ensure that the actions we take today will be relevant and beneficial for us, and for generations to come.

The investments we make in our infrastructure and our borough development plan must resonate with the spirit of our community. 

granmother crass in the parade for statehood on a union float


The Interior prides itself on a rich legacy of union solidarity. As an active member of ASEA Local 52, serving our community as a Computer Scientist, I am deeply committed to the right to organize. I am a staunch advocate for workers' rights, prioritizing fair wages, substantial benefits, and a productive work environment.

Scott driving an excavator with a kid in his lap

Ethics and Progress

The Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly has an obligation to serve all the constituents of the borough fairly and respect the law.

When elected, I promise to listen to you with an open mind and work for the best interests of all the Borough, not just activists or people who think they deserve special access.

I will respect lawfully held election results and the work done by appointed boards and commissions. Our borough is blessed to have world renowned experts in many fields who are ready to roll up their sleeves and help. This is how we get good work done in our community and make progress toward solving the real problems we face.

outdoors in fairbanks

Warming Shelter

The tragic loss of Charles Ahkiviana underscores the urgent need for low-barrier warming shelters in our community. Everyone, regardless of their circumstances, deserves a safe refuge from harsh weather. It's not just a matter of policy; it's a moral imperative, a testament to our collective humanity. We must ensure that all members of our community, particularly the most vulnerable, have access to shelter when temperatures drop. No one should have to face the elements alone, and together, we can make sure no one does.

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Public education is a constitutional obligation and a shared responsibility to our future community. The caliber of the education we provide reflects our values and our pledge to empower our next generations.

This means a curriculum that equips our students with practical skills that serve them now and lays the groundwork for advanced learning.  We should foster a learning environment that is both reflective of our heritage and forward-thinking.

Our education budget should reflect support for educators and support staff, and show our commitment to the high quality education our children deserve. A great school district is a cornerstone of a vibrant and growing community!

scott and father building house

Property Taxes

As a homeowner in our borough, I understand firsthand the financial pressures that property taxes can exert. We must explore alternative and effective ways to fund our services and manage our resources without imposing an additional burden on homeowners and residents. I am dedicated to ensuring the financial stability of our borough and protecting the economic well-being of my fellow homeowners and community members.

Get Involved

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Hosting a Fundraiser

Every individual has the ability to motivate others and inspire true change. By hosting a Fundraiser, you become a crucial part of our movement by making sure that our mission is heard and has a far-reaching, lasting impact.


Our work is never done, and we can use all the help we can get. One of the ways you can take part is by Volunteering. Spread the word and pitch in!

Building political momentum requires the unwavering support of our community, your contributions are the fuel that propels our shared goals forward.


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