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Endorsement: Teamsters Local 959

Scott Crass

Sep 25, 2023

Keep this campaign moving!

🌟 Exciting News for Our Campaign! 🌟

Friends and supporters,It brings me immense pride and gratitude to announce that we have received the endorsement of the legendary Teamsters Local 959!

With a storied history that predates even World War II, Teamsters Local 959 has been a pillar of strength and unity in Alaska since its original charter in 1941. From its early leadership, including figures like Charles MacDougall and Benjamin C. Turner, to its visionary merge under Secretary-Treasurer Jesse L. Carr in 1964, the Teamsters have exemplified resilience and determination.

As the state's most robust private sector Union, they've positively shaped the quality of life for nearly 60,000 Alaskans and their families through their unwavering collective bargaining efforts.

Receiving their endorsement is not just an honor for our campaign, but it's a testament to the shared values we uphold – dedication, unity, and progress for our community.Teamsters Local 959 has been, and continues to be, a force that drives Alaska forward. I'm thrilled to walk alongside them on our journey towards a brighter, unified future for our borough.

Let's keep the momentum going! Together, we can build a future rooted in collaboration, understanding, and progress.

Thank you, Teamsters Local 959, for your trust and support.

#ScottForBoroughAssembly #Teamsters959Endorsement #ForwardTogether

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